Freddy Krueger

Until when! We alonger foxholes: alonger trenches, deep like graves, wet like tombs, terrible nightmares. We aceitemos rifles clean their souls removed all rust corrodes it. Our lives depend on it a jammed weapon is a single safe passage ida to a casket without a name half of all war is maintaining the other half is killing and death, death, death, death and more death: death of enemies, death of friends, death of serenity, sanity death, death of feelings, death of the death of illusions emotions, death of the death of the very same hopes faith what’s left after a battle?: fractures, Burns, cuts and deep scars as the panic that is installed in the bowels and corpses and broken dreams corpses floating in the waves and fish and gulls eating their waste; corpses carpeting fields as a feast for crows and Orchid and families reunited and widows made orphans built in series in both sides remote nocturnal attacks: the enemy takes advantage of the night to besiege us. It is not a party nor those are Fireworks; It is a massacre: the soldiers fall to machine guns to throw on them like flies on honey; NAPALM Burns everything in its path; the flares that pass through the dark night wounding like arrows without destination or accommodation; they are bulletproof predators looking for its prey, reaching its victim to die in it as die bees when nailing their Stingers. Here, there is no place for prayers there is no place for mercies no time for sympathy there is no affections, inclinations, nor appreciations and love is just a fairy tale so distant and late like flowers in winter. Here up to Dante would have temblado this horror is the ideal eden of Jack the Ripper This is Freddy Krueger this loyal dream is himself averno reopened us minute after minute, with each shrapnel with each mortar with each explosion with every feeling of uneasiness the enemy takes advantage of the night to attack us: sleep is another way of dying beasts killer: doesn’t matter who is right; who work for Justice, who work by greed war makes us equal like death; his half-sister.