Volkswagen Tuareg

So, we can see that the grooves Sport Utility 5 polished, and in the landing area on the disc are aggressive edge. But the beauty of this is not ostentatious. Smooth grooves make for better cleaning tread of snow, and the edges to protect expensive wheels from damage. From theory to practice, of course, familiar with new tires could not occur theoretically. A comprehensive test drive took place on countless Dmitrovsky avtopoligona tracks. Apparently, emphasizing affiliation of new tires to the premium segment, the organizers and the cars have provided relevant: Volkswagen Tuareg, bmw X5, the new Volkswagen Passat, bmw 3 A bus proposed to evaluate the five stages, such as on ice and compacted snow, drive off the hill by a significant bias, high-speed slalom with the change of road surface, to overcome the deep snow and the passage of a winding road.

Of course, in the absence of an object for comparison is difficult to make definite conclusions about the strengths, weaknesses tires, but something you can say. For example, change lanes, when one side is the ice, with another – the loose snow, occurs without any yaw the vehicle and pulling to one side. A disabling electronic aides such as the stabilization system of exchange rate stability, we can talk about good grip tires in the lateral direction. And car for a long time kept on a curve trajectory, and drift away slowly. Just gently, but quickly grip is restored, ie, the driver controls the situation. In general, subjectively, new tires left a good impression.

Size exists for all of two new items appear in the Russian market this fall – the next winter season. And today in tire shops can be found just two generations Finnish bus: in the budget price niche Nokian Hakkapeliitta 2 and in the premium segment Nokian Hakkapeliitta 4. With the advent of the "five" "two" thing of the past. Her place will Hakkapeliytta with index 4, giving way to lead an advanced new product. It remains to add that buyers will offer the best in the world of huge size range, consisting of 38 Hakkapeliitta 5 sizes (from 13 to 19 inches) and 29 Hakkapeliitta Sport Utility 5 (15-22 inches). On the relationship Hakkapeliitta tires and armored cavalry "Hakkapeliytta" called Finnish or armored cavalry hussar served in the Swedish army during the Thirty Years War. The word originates from the military conscription in the Finnish language Hakkaa p_lle!, Which means "them attack! Hakkapeliitta were soldiers of peasant origin, in the service when recruiting junior children from families of peasants or workers. Warriors Hakkapeliitta were mounted, they rode on horseback Finnish rock. Over time, the word Hakkapeliitta began to call all participants 30 years of war. From the weapons they had two musket and sword. In addition, they had protective armor of leather and a helmet and chest armor steel.