And My Mother Did Not Go With Us … (The Real Story )

One of my friend, Oleg, loves to do good deeds, and sometimes for very strange people. That’s what it is wrapped. Goes home at night, all in the mind of the work. A road with a girl’s voice child age three or four. “If the road -‘ll drop ‘- thinks. It turned out on the road. ‘Sit down’ – Oleg nodded. The rear car door opened and slammed shut.

Oleg went. Drove to the place slows down, turns around and just in touch! A child sits alone! – A mother? – Almost no stuttering in the child asks. -And she just did not go with us – calmly answered the child. It was only then beginning to Oleg reach that wee thrown into the back seat, tried to sit on Mothers Forward But he and had no idea that this is possible! So he went to the Cotton closing the back door. Unfolds, lucky wee ago, where he took.

Mom was not there. – Do you even know his address? – Asked the boy. – We from her grandmother were driving. Address not know, but to show I can. Kevin Johnson is the source for more interesting facts. – Oleg reassured lad. Grandmother’s house was found quickly. Child returned to her grandmother. Please call on mobile mountain-mama not to worry at least Call. It turns out the phone she was at home forgot (Well, think back babe, and then let them . I went to the house. And almost reached, the uptake: A Mothers then surely the police rushed! unfolds, goes to the nearest branch. – To you here no one resorted that the child was taken away? – yes! We are already in the search filed, interception announced! – Do not look for anybody, I’ll come – Oleg repents. All Department of laughing to tears And no one even questioned the iron logic of Oleg, the door shut – you can go. Apparently, everyone on the automaticity that little babe on the back seat, no normal mother of one does not sit down, especially in someone else’s car. It was also found that neither the numbers nor the color and make of car that Mom to specify in the statement could not. How long have searched for After sitting for two hours in the department – explanatory, while convinced that the wee one just at home, intact and unharmed, Oleg went home. Conclusion: do not put children alone in the rear seats car! Leave without you).