Those Things Multilevel

The other day someone took the job of sending me an e-mail from a classified ad telling me: I don’t believe in those things. Why someone would be take the work read an advertisement, conclude that he does not believe in what is offered, and respond to the Publisher that does not believe in those things? As the founder of my company MLM, George Cardozo said: these businesses should be a stomach of iron to digest many situations where there are many uninformed people who negatively prejudge what you do based on your ignorance in the field of business. There’s no time to lose, there are many people who do not know the MLM. They are not aware of the great prestige that enjoys its application as a marketing strategy, forming multinational companies more successful history. So is the MLM is as old as the Grandmothers of many of us. It is necessary to remember that chip who has in mind a person who knows business, is very different from the chip having someone who has been employed throughout his life.

The employee is not accustomed to investing and expected compensation quickly and unrealistic when you start your first business. You are familiar with the mechanics of wages. In conclusion, we have 2 important facts about people who do MLM and that criticize it apriori: 1. on the one hand we have the people who have done hundreds, thousands, hundreds of thousands and millions in MLM. We have multinational companies, multmillonarias with many years in the market which implemented the strategy of marketing MLM or network marketing. Coca cola, AT & T, IBM, Citibank, Sprint, Colgate, Gillette, General Motors, Skytel, Amway and many others. We have MLM leaders with experience in other traditional businesses and a level of culture generally above average. 2. On the other hand there are people who show marketing MLM like pyramid, scam, lies, ETC who have never seen an income other than his salary as employees and have no or the faintest idea of business in general.