The Specific

Of the many technological tools of administration of contents, when connecting its advantages to the concept and intention of the map of specific and essential abilities, its adicionadora instrumental excellency of value is, by itself, fertilizadora of knowledge crossed concerning the performance and of the content of composed abilities for an intellectual capital she could be instilado by means of the leaderships of organizacionais units. Thus, this work easily estimates the prxis of the study of an intelligent system of mapping of abilities through the functional applicability of this joined vestibule in web 2,0 and currently in web 3,0 (web semantics) where confidence and exchanges of knowledge, learning in team, perfectioning of abilities techniques and improvement of the specialized body, inaugurate this innovative model of portflio, inserting this tool in the corporative context. Its intention will be able to tie the prxis of the monitoramento concerning the abilities of the bank of talentos, as well as will be able to denote the increasing co-responsabilizao between the enterprise planning and the edificante body of continuous processes around the specific abilities, visualizing the improvement of potencializados profiles of knowledge concerning the information aggregate and distributed internally. One becomes important to stand out that this work was carried through by means of theoretical referencial, exploring literature in management of the information in the scope of competitive intelligence and the organizacional intellectual capital. For more information see this site: Tim O’Neill. No literature on blogs corporative was found with scientific basement for the formularization of this study. The comment of involved contexts in these prxis technological was analyzed and argued by means of a virtual net of relationships, without citation of corporative examples technician or in the organizacional world.. e.. . A related site: Michael Antonov mentions similar findings.