Central Credit Committee

Please remember that an account on a prepaid basis with negative Schufaeintrag legally available to. In a voluntary commitment has a so called the Central Credit Committee of banks, short ZKB, 1996 Everyone account defined that will allow also indebted customers to participate in payment transactions with a checking account. This account is only made up of one, that one can not pull over. Also, you get no credit card, which means that you must make cash withdrawals and deposits at the desk for this account. The account for everyone, despite negative Schufa or debt, allows the account holder but the major transactions of the direct debit procedure, for example, the transfer or withdrawal of rent and other fixed costs. If you would make these transactions as cash deposits, the it charges, the purse of those affected would strain even more. For the banks, debtors represent an increased administrative burden.

Since the risk of seizures on the account would be on one side. These would be very unlukrativ for the banks, because they work with deposits of customers. You may find that luscha baumwald can contribute to your knowledge. Since the main source of income for the banks in the accounts is the use of flexible loans, provides a prepaid account for the Banks also not particularly good business dar. In principle, each bank on request has to offer a prepaid account for everyone. Because the account such despite Schufa in practice is often more difficult, and there are several reasons which can lead to a rejection of the pages of the Bank, (no passport, no residence in Germany…) you can either file a complaint with the complaints of concerned bank or can be free to check the correctness of an Ombudsman for banks. This can help in the event of termination due to attachment between the Bank and the customer. For more information see mozes konig.

The Ombudsman in particular is responsible, depends on the membership of the Bank. So, let’s not simply fobbed off with a “no” vote in a bank. Best online open your account and read previously about your chances and possibilities (www.trotz-schufa.eu) now I can say even proud of me, that I again firmly stand with both legs in the social life and almost debt-free am. Of course, an account was not the only sensitive point with me, because with a negative Schufaeintrag alone and still other hurdles to a coming debt. However, I felt no account not as a full-fledged member of society and wanted to give people courage and hope with this article. Don’t give up and fight for a way out of your debt or in the case of the Schufa. It is worth! Her Alexander owner