The Producer

The above is perfectly drawn with the phrase made him the revolution, existing despite the change prompted by the loss of power in the federal elections of the year 2000, by Governments arising from the revolution and by the high probability that the PRI wins the forthcoming elections and race in the presidential election, that steal but let do justice. Different groups in power, they have reflected in their exercise social inconsistency of its institutional legality, giving majorities benefits with a criterion of gift; generating a vicious circle of poverty, in which the illegitimacy of the wealth in the community feeling takes advantage for supposedly favoring classes most dispossessed, so e.g. for long time and its sequel still persists, is low arbitrarily cost to the consumer of products and services of first necessity, without repair that it impoverishes the producer and service providerthe that has in turn demand to pay less for what you used and consumed, and so on. Currently, despite the multiple declarations on free competition and encouragement to productivity, benefiting a high percentage of the population with gifts originated in social support programmes, whose outcome reinforces a sense of productive inactivity sponsorship. Elaborating on what was said it is worth mentioning, that some policies on rights to be charged by governmental bodies of service, encourage the unproductive consumption and they penalize productivity, such as cases of water and electricity which have a cost far greater if are used to produce and consequently generate employment and wealth. Social produce, generate wealth and pay just by awareness products and services do not have in our country a community logic, largely by that tradition has thus imposed it; starting with the resources of the State based on spending until exhaustion nonrenewable wealth of our territory, until the attitude of ordinary citizens seeking to win without producing, which imposes an environment of economic fiction. So face the legally constituted authority is seen mostly as a socially negative; from the devil to steal electric power up to so-called organized crime they have a degree of acceptance, or at least indifference, social and governmental act not only does not favor a recognition of success based on the work honest if not that stimulates a magical world of resources non-existent, or in any case based on origins completely unrelated to productive work. Original author and source of the article.