The Municipality

Then ask for personal interviews, appointments, landlines, and a series of nonsense that are no longer required due to that if you want one learn can see the company, website if you want to buy can pay with western union or deposit to the account of the company. But they don’t want that, they want to be opposite from its competitor, meet his local, the exact address, to make false accusations, with the municipality, with other authorities, etc. These are the so-called Fizgones of Internet. Fizgon is a bad intentioned person who wants to find out everything possible, that seeks to frighten someone with the tale’s Criminalist, police Secretary of court, who works in the Prosecutor’s Office, but that is not more than a fake, professional, delinquent resurgimiento de neck and sophisticated tie. In addition to the Fizgones, we have other rats, we have unfair competitors. So we have that there is a man who is professional, who works for a miserable salary administration publishes and who does not know that do to change jobs.

Don’t know to to get an entry more. These unemployed, underemployed, are like that of requesting reports by taste to all e-mail addresses, to request personal interviews, with the intention that the company that advertises on the internet, know it and see it in person. They are idiots that they imagine that they are very beautiful, sober, elegant and impressive and that a title old under the sleeve will impress company and this you will work.What they seek is to speak and talk about them and their great deeds when it was made decades, police, military, Chief official in such or which site. What they seek is clear, to offer them work, because they are unemployed or earn miseries.Other more cunning they send messages and say that they want to be partners, who want to invest, but when are already on the site, refuse to invest in advertising on various pretexts.