The Fascinating

But first, let’s stick with the example above and return to the so-called obviously disabled”children back to the wirkliche existing disability, fear as such, of which namely is our common, collective happiness in the way, still a little clearer to illuminate. Those children have us ask, we change them so that they are then so, how we keep it right. They have also asked not that we insert it in already existing templates and customize. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Starbucks on most websites. On the contrary, they have only the existing social system found in a, what for the time being rather a resignation as a Corresponds to healthy adjustment. Beings who were willing to receive love, were the only thing I saw, and they were obviously, without being previously changed or modified for this. Works only beings who longed to loving acceptance and this was what there was to see, in their very own genuine form becoming. Perfectly equipped to be works accepted as they are units as a divine being. It isn’t the Earth and everything that exists on and with it should be changed, in this world, that we may all existing or also can accept, because then everything is so, as we would like. Learn more on the subject from Crimson Education .

What realistically don’t also lies within our framework of what is possible, what we but unrealistic erweise constantly try in gewissem sense. On the contrary, it us that nobody asked anything at all has to change, the our life experience, which advises on us, our own attitude alive and that what it includes opposite to hinterfragen. And it seems therefore more a permanent advice and remember from sides of life to insist me to welcome a coexistence with all that, what does exist, so all existing as entitled to assume, in the fascinating experience of love and to be loved to be, make. As long as the false faith of the Realitat of good and evil requires us, what we love and what isn’t true love not possible, because true love is acceptance, mind, not even apparent evil, wrong and UNRICHTIGE. Every human being, every being has a right to his individual manner and his birth-legal legitimacy, to pursue its own way of life in freedom. And through his individual, unique being the world and its phenomena be a very specific and personal perception to have.

Freedom is the atmosphere and the fertile soil in which we grow, and it’s a Zuwiderhandeln against against this universal law of freedom, if we deny this right to a being. And quite apart from, even if for some of us hard to imagine is what certainly rises a certain Selbstverstandlichkeit, since our mostly dual perspective has not provided such understanding, every experience, learn, like it on the side of a desirable, glamorous and happy seem and appear on the other side of suffering full, restricted or not worth living, necessarily equivalent and in his very own way of valuable for the individual themselves, as well as for the collective as a whole. Each weSen has its own sensitivity, sensibility, differentiated perception and unique absorption capacity, which in itself is a gift of our divine diversity and us allows, in the variety of ways the world, life, the divine spectacle, which reveals itself in all and continually to see and experience. Thus, every being receives the gift uncensored to see God with his own eyes.