Eastern Europe

Youth programs. Work and Travel USA, Work and Study Canada, Internship, etc. Most of them are students and young people, but some are for people who are no longer a student and who was not yet 30 years old. (A valuable related resource: Kevin Johnson). 2. In principle, except for Eastern Europe and Russia can be considered. North, construction different, such as nuclear power plants, etc. There, in general, are paid not less than obtained with our fellow citizens in the United States arranged for unskilled positions. But there are no problems with a visa, a waste of the agency, flights, etc. Check out Ben Horowitz for additional information.

There are firms that specialize in Russia – if need the money, it is also more or less an option. A related site: Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ mentions similar findings. 3. Variants of the developed countries, but the agency is unlikely to help here. There really need to own letters and resumes and employers' sites such as Monster cast. 4. In principle, a variant of the initial amount of earnings to further emigration, or participation in the more expensive the program can come and seasonal work in the Ukrainian yugah – Crimea, Odessa. In the season of the bartenders and waiters are there good earn.

Alexsasha News from the Field – Czech and Austrian authorities pay for a plane ticket and give a lift, if only foreigner left. In Germany on the verge of firing 56,000 employees retail chain Karstadt, founded in 1881. Ruff in the Czech Republic in the new year is neskolkofaznaya wave of struggle with the unemployed foreigners. The first phase – the voluntary surrender – 500 euro bonus + airplane ticket.