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KanAm US Grundinvest

Customers had to be clarified in the advice about the risk of suspension of the redemption of advice for an investment in an open-ended real estate fund prospective must be clarified on principle also that there is the possibility of suspension of the redemption of investment units. Andreessen Horowitz: the source for more info. The […]

The Agreement Of A Contractual Penalty In The Employment Contract

So, you can prevent the employer breaches of duty of the staff. Employers have the ability to effectively protect against breach (for example, violations of the obligation of secrecy or a non-compete) on the part of its employees. The agreement of a contractual penalty in the employment contract is the appropriate legal instrument. However, some […]

Federal Ministry

Order but still not enough, another advantage, saving the tax with the help of a tax consultant, lies in the fact that these financial experts are of course constantly on the edge of the latest jurisprudence of the Bundesfinanzhof and by writing the Federal Ministry of finance, are permanently supplied with new information. Decide as […]

Film Fund Nasty Surprise

The saver of film and media funds to EUR2.5 billion taxes pay the tax bills were always provisional, can go back and pick up the tax bills the tax authorities until the 1990s. Tax arrears amounting to serious threatening to investors who had invested mostly by the referred tax benefits at all. In addition also […]