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Order but still not enough, another advantage, saving the tax with the help of a tax consultant, lies in the fact that these financial experts are of course constantly on the edge of the latest jurisprudence of the Bundesfinanzhof and by writing the Federal Ministry of finance, are permanently supplied with new information. Decide as a client for the accountant, you can sleep completely reassured, without nightmares about tax evasion, from sleep to be torn. As a tax consultant is liable to his client if the accuracy of his information. For a tax consultant is obliged to conclude professional liability insurance, which occurs when any missteps. Now the one or the other will wonder how you can tell a good tax advisor for. You can see him alone, that it refers to the various ways, rather than just the tasks implied themselves to do and short and brief the tax consulting fee billed is the client. Is a particularly customer-friendly tax consultants, he will recommend, for example, his clients, to pass a specific accounting service, to be able to offer cheaper fees regulations in this way the accounting. Also the tax advisors in Luneburg, are committed to the task, to create the accounts of their clients in the current year accounting and thus have constantly up-to-date figures available. Surely every entrepreneurs appreciate this service at the present time, because without a permanent overview of the current business situation, risking financial ruin very quickly. “And the saying familiar in the tax: nothing can be as expensive as the knowledge of yesterday”, is the be-all and end-all, a perfect tax advice.