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Leticia Emerald

In 1939, obtained awards for a series of peasant tales in Argentina, and Editorial Zig-Zag publishes its first book of short stories traces on the Earth. In 1941, he was appointed Librarian of the Lycee of men of Rancagua (renamed in the early 1970s as Liceo Oscar Castro Zuniga thanks to management students and members […]


The psychologist and psychiatrist Carl Jung explored the concept of archetype to understand the repetitive myths in different cultras. The usa arcana Tarot to symbolize environments or recurring characters. The Archetypes are defined as models of personality; they would come to be something as well as generic versions of temperament and character that can be […]

Learn German Deserves

Did you know that a person who speaks German can communicate with 101 million people around the world. 100 million Europeans already have German as their mother tongue, not only in Germany but also in Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. German language skills are very useful also in some parts of the North of Italy, […]