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The Country

I not ' ' you nor a' ' with me, why I and my friend already live enough to know that this country and what he can come, we do not want more! He was not for this country that I, my friend and millions almost fight sixty years of our lives, in almost the […]

German Shepherd

The mordedura must be strong and steady, intent in an only region docorpo of the PEC so that it does not have the possibility to free the aggressor during oconfronto until the arrest of the .causing agent of the crisis for the tactical teams. ' ' I dare of dogs in critical occurrences if it […]

Brasilia Jose And Robert Arruda

Still we have umlongo passage to walk and we must start valuing, accepting valoresdaqueles that they had been dedicated to raise high the name of the country, independent detendncias partisan politics, therefore above of any rivalry polticadeve to take advantage the welfare of the nation. I do not want to equal itself to who if […]

Presidency Administration

Destaforma, the Direct Administration of the Federal Executive is composed for serviosintegrados in the administrative structure of the Presidency of the Republic and the dosMinistrios. We consider, however, that the legislator was not happy to aodefinir this type of Administration in the Decree in the 200/67, therefore, of acordocom the legal device, ' ' Direct […]

National Plan

According to National Plan of Public Security for Brazil, these manifestations of the violence interact, are interdependent: impunity promotes injustices, that develop crimes, that create expenses, propagate the culture of the fear, conditions the reduction of investments and harms the industry of the tourism and the commerce, what brings as consequence diverse damages, reduction of […]

Small Agriculturists

For the public investment in vehicles of communication of popular character, communitarian, of social interest and that they stimulate the diversification of sources and distribution of being able informative in the society. Continue to learn more with: Caterpillar. 12. HEALTH the State must guarantee and defend the health of all the population. It must implement […]