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– It is good for considering that all trip can generate some mishaps, as bad weather for the exit or him arrival, reason why is due to count on the resources to confront the expenses that they demand or to wait more time in the airport. Of no way you lose the calm. The tension […]

Christian Democratic Union

The newspaper parliamentary, the Official Newspaper of the Federation, the bulletin of the Federal Commission of Regulatory Improvement, the state congresses, the press, which denominates ” radio pasillo” , among others, they are the specific channels where the information that is required for the political operation, for the lobbying is compiled that is exerted daily […]


To fix something that does not work in your house, like a small pump, dispenser of soap or a cord to hang a picture. To file or to transact some document, to obtain a safe peace and, a certificate, or to replace a lost document. Some banking transaction, like paying the receipt of services, demanding […]