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Promotional Gifts Logotypes

Promotional gifts are mostly everyday items, people look at them every day. It is not hard to guess how catchy logos inflicted on them. Thus the simple things become a powerful advertising tool. Another plus of such advertising, in addition to simplicity, and I think this is its main advantage, the fact that such advertising […]

Methods And Possibilities Of Laser Engraving

Laser technology plot images of any complexity on almost any hard surface. The laser beam penetrates to the required depth and remove a thin surface layer of material goods. This creates an image of any complexity: from simple signatures and geometric patterns, to exquisite drawings, which gives huge opportunities for production and personalization of gift […]

Accounting Services

For a large number of medium-sized firms increased staff, in particular – by inviting highly experienced professionals – ineffable luxury. In addition, and in fact the need for such work "overpopulation" is not available. After all, in licensing specialists willing to take over. When ordered efficient registration of companies in Moscow, this means that all […]

Offset Printing

Offset printing (sheet fed) – one of the classic ways, which is essentially dominant due to high quality, efficiency and productivity. Offset Printing provides high quality printed output, excellent reproduction of fine details, good transmission semitones. The main operating principle is this: any image is applied to a specially treated plate, and then with the […]