Offset Printing

Offset printing (sheet fed) – one of the classic ways, which is essentially dominant due to high quality, efficiency and productivity. Offset Printing provides high quality printed output, excellent reproduction of fine details, good transmission semitones. The main operating principle is this: any image is applied to a specially treated plate, and then with the help of auxiliary printing cylinders – in direct support. Full-color image in this method consists of four basic colors: blue, yellow, magenta and black. Additionally possible to apply varnish – varnish. With the help of role-playing and our sheetfed offset Printing produces the following types of printed materials: glossy magazines, illustrated magazines, we produce mainly an offset press, regardless of circulation, since only this Able to perform all the requirements for the quality of the products.

Printable typically use coated paper or paper polupokrytiem. This is connected not only with the desire to improve the aesthetic appearance of products, but with the technological requirements for the material with color illustrations of high quality, full-color newspaper, usually printed on newsprint domestic production on roll rotary machines. Product quality depends on the printing material – is sure to be the paper for offset printing, promotional products, is usually made on sheet-fed offset machines of small size, in accordance with the usual format, and copies of full-color advertising materials, representative products – is a printing of booklets, brochures, catalogs, posters, calendars, postcards, folders, notebooks, as well as many other editions of 400 pieces. and more. Advantages of offset printing: High quality printed products possible to use paper of different density from 80 to 300 g/m2 optimal price / performance ratio for medium and high volume is convenient to use for offset printing repetitive promotional materials ability to use different techniques that improve the appearance and personality of your order. Disadvantages of offset printing: Unable to execute a rush order, for example within a few hours In the manufacture of small runs or one-off increases the cost of production