It is important to begin to take brings back to consciousness of our responsibility in the process, because it is with the unique thing that we are going to be able to unite for being able to leave best the drawees the subject. The failure sensation the relation in pair is one of the bonds to which we more invested to energy, time, commitment, dreams, bed shared per long time, important friendly, children, events, visited profits, sleeplessness, fights, definitions, dreams, illusions, trips, places to him, the construction of dreams and projects. And suddenly, we remained without anything of our affective investment, when we have no longer it, the pain, the frustration, and the failure sensation dominates all the picture of our emotional life. This is one of the stages that more work costs to surpass by the importance of everything what we lost, besides the security and the confidence. Since we failed in one of the most important projects of our life. And on also we fed the fault and the depression there. Our future has become uncertain.

The affective destabilization These ruptures takes to a destabilization because it requires that you change of identity, no longer I am a woman or man with a stable pair, on the contrary, now I am single, only and plenty of remorses, faults and sadnesses. The insecurity takes place, creates and thought that never we will recover. There are lost the compass, that is the safe thing and what he is the uncertain thing? All undergo this sensation of instability that seems that it runs over to us and we happened through all the feelings: the isolation, the sadness, the fury, the anger, the abandonment, the neglect, the uncertainty. It is to return to be constructed a new identity. To construct a different and different life, and costs work abrir us to us to new experiences.