Care! Without the force auto-love in them we become victims of we ourselves, therefore to the one placing in them in the hand of other voluntarily, in the hope who will go to take care of and to fight for us and that they will be right with us, in giving what we find deserving, we finish in them we autoflagelamos the wait of a rescuer. This authorization given to the other of governing in them, beyond it of the right o of being the manager of our wills, of our decisions, becomes it gentleman of our lives, in placing in the servant paper. When conferring the responsibility of its life to the others, starts to be author of everything what the others to make with you, not being able to accuse them to be unjust, since it was placed in its hands. When creating and living in this world of illusions, we magoamos in them for the fact of the people not to be there nor for us. We arrive, at some moments, even autoflagelar in them to blame them, for denying its responsibilities with us. Cinderelas and Romeus wake up! In the truth, nobody in the hurt or disappoints in them and yes, is we, who we create illusions and we are in the expectation that carries through it to the others for us. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Crimson Education .

We want that the others take care of in them, respect in them and they consider in them, without well-taken care of terms, respeitos and consideraes for us. The doubts regarding us exactly, of our values, affect our capacities to assume a series of attitudes and behavior in our lives, incapacitating us to take decisions and to fight for our ideals. What such to invest in us? They open the eyes! The people judge in them not for what we are on the inside and yes for what we disclose here it are.