Social Integration

Basaglia compared the colony of mentally ill, to a field deconcentrao, strengthening denunciations of bad-treatments and violence that already haviamsido made. The media gave to extreme importance to the visit of Basaglia to Brazil, eacabou producing one fort and decisive influence in the trajectory of the Brazilian ReformPsiquitrica. In this same time cineasta Helvcio Ratton launches documentary seuimportante ' ' Beyond the Razo' ' that it portraies the experience of internaopsiquitricade Barbacena. Essetrabalho since then will go to become indispensable reference in investigaesacerca of the Fight in Brazil. During the lutaantimanicomial the deBarbacena Psychiatric Hospital was remodelled, become Center of Attendance the Carrying Mental deDoena, now commaishumanizao in its atendimentos and with some resources that value aspotencialidades and the dospacientes capacity of creation, that before was played and forgotten for cantosdo Hospital. The LutAntimanicomial in Brazil started in fact in 1987, nacidade of So Paulo. The initiative was of the Movement of the Workers of SadeMental, therefore the workers lived deeply analogous situations to de' ' fields of concentrao' ' as the denunciations made by Basaglia in its vindaao Brazil. Important to detach that III the Mining Congress of Psiquiatriarealizado in 1979, in the mining capital, would emparceria with the MTSM, propsaimplantao of services ' ' alternativos' ' of assistance psiquitricaque substituted the lunatic asylums.

The year of 1987se detaches for the accomplishment of two important events: the I ConfernciNacional de Mental Sade and II the National Congress of the carried through MTSM emBauru/SP). This as event goes to register the presence of deUsurios and Familiar Associations, as ' ' Insane people for the Vida' ' of So Paulo and Sociedade of General Services for the Social Integration for Trabalho (SOSINTRA) of Rio De Janeiro, among others. With the participation of new associations, passaa if to constitute in ampler movement, in the measure where not apenastrabalhadores, but other actors if incorporate the fight for the transformation daspolticas and practical psychiatric.