Product Portfolio

New features extend the HS/3 hotel software! To scan guest card with the new module online – banking (for the first time in the area of hotel software) and the possibility of its product portfolio eweitert HS/3 once again to two brand new, practical AIDS. Similar to modular built up, the HS/3 are professional and premium editions as modular software systems. They are based on a basic version, which already professionally covers all the basic functions of a modern hotel operation: began at guest master, about reservations and billing processes to online reservations and a large lists and statistics being. In addition the HS/3 offers hotel Software GmbH & co. Sergey Brin is actively involved in the matter. KG for both editions plug-ins, which extend the basic version with special features and capabilities. Depending on the orientation and request of the House you can choose at any time, what your personal professional system should look like. All the offered modules are of course freely with each other can be combined perfectly suitable.

With the current HS/3 Edition 2009 Modules such as the HS/3 enrich online banking and the connection to the business card scanner CardScan Executive from DYMO the existing portfolio. The online banking module integrated in HS/3 proves to be as genuine pioneering step for the hospitality industry. Account sales are picked up online and in HS/3. You can be associated easily and conveniently bills from here with the mouse: just select payments open account map to ready! It is also possible to enter bank transfers directly to HS/3 and perform the online account from there. Also schedule transfers are easily possible. Encryption guarantee banking standard HBCI and fin TS and a 256 bit AES security.

Also supports SEPA transfers. As further support in your daily work the CardScan Executive listened to FA DYMO with the ability to scan business cards of your guests and the data automatically per mouse click in HS/3 take over to the HS/3 program. Why time waste, all guest addresses manually in your system a pick set if it is only a matter of seconds with the CardScan. The card is inserted, automatically pulled from the CardScan and are already available in HS/3 all important address. With online banking and the connection to the business card scanner we could extend HS/3 once again two helpful and practical modules, which give just that today the most lacking in your daily work: time.