Pacific Mountains

This could make do with the fact that Tallan indicated had come from the mountains, meaning that as the jungle. This hypothesis some strengthens the argument so recognized jivarologos (Karsten, 1951, Whitten 1970,1976,1985) that suggest the idea that one of the dialects have served jibaros lingua franca from the mountains to the Amazon lowlands of the coastal valleys before expansion Quechua in southern Ecuador. This leaves turn to assume that an ethnic group Jivaro territory may have contracted a cross between the eastern slopes of the Cordillera of the Andes and the Pacific to the late first millennium BC and AD. 3 Ruth Shady (1987:84) notes that the culture Bagua training was located in a cultural borderland between societies of Central and Northern Andes and the northern Andes. Border that extended into the Valley Oste Huancabamba and incorporated in Piura and perhaps Batan Grande and Lambayeque. During the Bagua the closer relationship existed in the valleys give extreme northern Peru and the highlands of Ecuador. Towards the horizon Middle Chachapoyas closely related to Cajamarca (italic style floral).

The role of Chachapoyas should be based on trade intermediaries exert Amazon products given the existence of connections with the Huallaga and Ucayali basins. To the west of its natural pathways connect them to the valley of Cajamarca, Trujillo and other more distant as the mountains of Jaen and Huancabamba and valleys of Lambayeque and Piura; ways that would contact the people of the Pacific and the Amazon . It is likely that a while back (the training) Amazonian groups have migrated to the Pacific coast, western Andean Cordillera tramonto settling in the valleys and the coast, giving names to places in your language. It also raised seem confirmed by the existence of some place names in the eastern region Cusibamba Valley (Territory of Bracamoros) as Tangoraca, Morocco, and Palanda CALLANGAN so that phonics is related to place names of Tangarara Piura, macaques, Putulanga (Sullana) and Palambla (Canchaque Huancabama) However we first instance Tangarara our place names is not carved or Quechua, but is a linguistic remnant Amazonian ethnic group assimilated to carve. 1 Language Sechura according to the list of bishop Companon. 2 Mendoza palaces, Rudy. The Incas and Quechua in Piura. 1993. 3 Anne Marie Hocquenghuem. "To conquer death" 1995.