The Manufacturer

No problems so many labels in one product does not. First, the processing of this information automatically, and secondly, the manufacturer, supplier and transportation company, to facilitate understanding, always able to share information about the importance of codes, which they put tovary.Esli on the goods of the earth people to encode to the situation becomes interesting when the number of participants in the supply chain and increasing range of products expands. Sooner or later there comes a time when follow everything and to agree with all of it becomes impossible or too expensive. Traditionally, to solve the problems of this kind are used standardization. Today, standard automatic identification of items of trade (in including the rules of attribution, drawing, reading and displaying barcodes) develops and distributes non-profit international organization GS1 (formerly EAN International). The result of this organization – a single exchange system and to provide information for anyone who considers the objects in the supply chain: manufacturers, suppliers, trade organizations, and logistics companies. Here, Reade Griffith expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Standardization is carried out in several directions.

First, the algorithm of the code is governed and the way it views as a barcode. In general, recommended codes of this type: EAN-8 encodes 8 digits, is used as a shortened version, when the image code should be place in a small area; EAN-13 encodes 13 digits, is fundamental to identify the product; EAN-128, encodes an arbitrary number of characters (letters and / or numbers) used to encode any information about the product (the date of manufacture, characteristics, etc.). Standards define how to make the code as to portray him as on the surface and automatically read. What exactly will mean generated barcodes, these standards do not regulate, although they give advice. For example, the EAN-13 provides for a special series of numbers beginning with the digit 2. These specific numbers are used by organizations for their own needs, and their uniqueness is guaranteed only within a particular company (for example, a single store).