Order Samples

– Order Samples. – Approval of the sample under the application – is it possible to apply in view of features of products. – Approval of the required number of souvenirs, or clarification of terms of delivery. – Signing of contract obligations and payment. – Transportation, shipment of goods. – The application of the products either by itself or through contractors. More work is necessary to solve most customer.

By and large warehouse – this is just saving time, and that's what the results will lead this economy – it is the second question. It turns out that the warehouse – it is salvation for the lazy and not willing to think creatively. Work with the warehouse reduces to the process – see, buy, and the question of "to order" just not worth it as such. Urgent quickly, especially without thinking – that characteristic of the purchases from the warehouse. Once upon a time for someone with a purpose by someone invented and someone produced souvenirs – are the main characteristics of the gift of stock. And then we came and bought it all joy! Emerges a certain stagnation – there is no "fresh" in his work, there are "impurities" in the form of intermediary … The idea is now so do not work anymore … With this, of course, we can not agree, but the fact remains – the work of the warehouse reduced to "dig" into souvenirs, and any creativity … in order postovschika. It is logical to use that word order, rather than buying, because the work begins with your ideas during a souvenir.