General Director

The first and important instrument in establishing a firm is a charter. The Charter is developed so that as many opportunities as possible for the freedom of action was in the future. But not always provide all yes and it is impossible. But if more than one of the company and activities that are going to engage in society, are not clearly defined, you must take more responsibility for the prescription of the statute its main provisions. For the participants is an important procedure for exit from the company beforehand and if not prescribe precisely and clearly such a procedure, we have a problem leaving the company of one or more participants. Very often in the normal course of business have to adjust their plans and engage in various activities and make changes to the charter and to not have unnecessary problems, it is better to prescribe the most important provisions of the statute. We must always remember that any changes in the constituent documents need to be registered with the authorities, and all registrations will take time and possibly money.

All budding entrepreneurs urged recommend that you develop the charter professionals. Even if you really really want to save money, it is best to do it in other cases, but not both at the development of basic documents. As for the head, then change General Director of the firm also requires the registration of the change as a change of legal address only after all the changes come into force. Lawmakers are preparing to clean up the of societies. In particular will be excluded from the founding documents of the memorandum and change the order for the founders of the society. The output will be possible (according to the plans of legislators) only during the sale participant's share of society or another person. All these measures aimed at tackling one-day firms. But while these measures remain in the project. We wish you success.