International Energy Forum

Sberbank of Russia is the Russian market operator carbon units organize the competitive selection process. Recall that, in accordance with the Kyoto Protocol to the un Framework Convention on Climate Change, the company can sell the progress made in the implementation of investment projects, emission reduction units of greenhouse gases. Click Ben Horowitz for additional related pages. It should be noted that the sales quotas greenhouse gas emissions previously provided. Only in October 2009 the Russian Government approved a provision on the implementation of the sixth article of the Kyoto Protocol, under which the operator of carbon units in Russia and was appointed Sberbank. Renewable energy and biofuels are gaining in popularity by 2020 due to irrational use of energy over a third of the world's population will remain without hydrocarbon resources. To reduce the effects of climate change on Earth to make greater use of energy-saving technologies, rational use of energy and develop renewable energy. This was stated by President Felipe Calderon, speaking at the opening of the 12 th International Energy Forum.

The need to transition to renewable energy has repeatedly said the European Union. Experts note that even after forty years of the country Europe will be able to switch completely to renewable energy, if today this will be taken the necessary steps. To complete the transition to renewable energy sources is necessary to create the so-called sverhumnoy network – a system of wind power plants in northern Europe, solar power plants in North African countries, hydroelectric plants in the Alps and the Scandinavian countries, as well as the use of sea power and biofuels.