Civil Associations

a If you present a certificate of participation, reject it, declare it as invalid on the grounds that the student did not receive any assessment and that this paper is not worthless. a not be said of the Certificates of Participation granting Civil Associations, Mothers Clubs, Parishes, Cultural Centers in Peru are considered at all. a Not good to get a job and explain why: a 1 .- Public entities do not accept participation documents to apply for a position as Administrative Assistant, Accounting, Logistics, a 2 .- Private companies want graduates of approved courses by specialization, with notes, grades, student loans, firms of national, credible and not those of a John Wool, owner of an association, church, club, university center without recognition or dela Ministry of Education.

There are rules that prohibit human resources departments, personnel throughout Latin America, accept diplomas and certificates of participation. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Kevin Johnson. a Coincidentally that was the means by which public employees years ago getting a bargain and certificates and diplomas presented to justify the hours of study, preparation, training and served them nothing, nor is today because those documents have no value in government, or private. a Many public employees complained and even threatened to strike if their documents obtained for five dollars, without presenting any work or pay review because they were rejected. a But what is the difference and what is the business of the documents for participation? a Very simple. a What to be on participation are not within what the world is called, the official value..