Increase Of Cars

Nothing so mars our lives as unjustified price increases. When you feel that you have already collected the necessary amount, and are ready to buy a car, but in the salons of a new round of growth, and you can not make his long-awaited purchase. However, this process has a downside, as with the price on a new car, creeping up and the price for a used, so the car becomes a means of investment. Electrolux is often quoted as being for or against this. However, one must know in what car you can invest capital without loss. For this purpose the most suitable domestic car or a three-year-old foreign language, as after buying a car in the cabin, he loses 15% of its value. You buy a car in a year when he take a few thousand miles, , so the price will be relevant, to ride another year and sell for the same price. Thus, it will always ride on an almost new car for the same money