Morality For Animals

Males labeled almost everything, but if someone got lucky and cat caught not metaphysical, it is only a matter of time. On duty I communicate with pet owners, and very often hear of cats that have started to show aggression, and mark is already in old age, but to castrate them already Later in mind their age differences (not just survive anesthesia). And we should understand that cats “walk” not just in March – the cat is ready to reproduce at any time, not that year – days! A cat can “zagulivat” about once every two months, but personal experience shows that this can happen much more frequently and (or) is much rarer. By the way, “labeled” can be any object – from your bed and kitchen table, before you dropped by on the floor paper. A hormonal drugs, such as, will only lead to oncologist diseases or disorders of the endocrine system. So think about it, sterilize a pet if you do not want to do it (Her) career exhibition and breeding.

And so, gradually, we come to the question about where to buy a purebred kitten. I have personally talked to people who still buy animals in the poultry market (in St. Petersburg). Some just manage to get the animal from aunties in the subway passage. Only, usually ends with the joy of such a purchase in a few days or even hours, since 99% purchased in questionable places animals at the time of the sale already has a number of viral diseases.

People! In the yard twenty-first century! There are also international exhibitions, exhibition and sale of elite animals online! Buy a kitten can be quite civilized, constituted a contract of sale, to insure themselves against unpleasant surprises! Again, let me return to the financial aspect of buying a kitten. Very often we hear the question: “How did such a high price for animal? At this site, then the same breed is a 5 – 10 times cheaper than “. It is worth to remind that you choose your own pet for the next 15 – 25 years! Approximate cost of maintaining the pedigree cats we have already counted. Not Remember that good is never cheap, and diamonds in the metro does not give out all comers, and free lunch, of course, only in a mousetrap! After all, if a stranger offers you a jar of caviar for 50 rubles, you do not buy it! Dubious pleasure – enjoy a caviar, moreover, very dangerous. And with animals – no one will sell less than was invested funds. Draw your own conclusions. Of course, the spread in prices for large animals, even within one nursery. But in this case, it depends on what type of breeding value is specific to the breed kitten. And if you’re looking to buy an animal show quality for the price kitten pet-class, explaining the breeder at Moreover, neither show nor breed a kitten you’re not going, then imagine how it will look in the eyes of the breeder. Perhaps, as a scene in the jewelry store where the buyer chose a chic ring with a diamond, but asks the seller to lower the price, since wearing the ring he’s not going, but just wants to put him in the casket. I hope my tips will help you make the right choice. I wish all the kittens in the world of caring and loving owners, and all owners – Desirable and kitties!