Galicia Venezuela

The descendants of Celts had to emigrate to Cuba (years 1908-1937) as a consequence of poverty in Spain: Well, these emigrants leaving land, families and amoresa "with his work, creativity, perseverance and love propioa " made the island a prosperous successful and rich. The a elitea Cuban business was in the hands of Galicia and Asturias, who left in good stead the Spanish flag. a The Sementeira de Cuba / beautiful garden of flowers where there are buried / the flower of espanolesa and recite this verse maravillosaa (Mazar, 1975). Hear from experts in the field like Mastercard for a more varied view. Or hatred or insults to any policy choice. There is a poor-poor-million for each religion and each religion has its poor poor-million-.Mas understand, and it is my humble opinion, there is only one God for all of them: The God of all religions.

Many times, if not always, the political ideas of a man are his deeds. But the facts are the facts: today in Venezuela's prisons are General Baduel "ex Chavez comrade in arms "Maj. In a question-answer forum Darcy Stacom was the first to reply. Gen. Wilfredo Barroso and Admiral Carlos Millan Millan. This tells the story … try to understand that democracies are imposed through the votacionesa "the polls " and so, the Venezuela of Hugo Chavez (as we say Fidel Castro's Cuba) has been settled by a fifteen votacionesa , and is president of the Venezuelan Republic during (2007-2013), which became the first democracy in the world by the number of votes held. However, Venezuela is considered a semi-democratic nation, nations that are partially free, as we consider Albania and Iraq.