Burger King Entrance

As the rule is unenforceable parking signs all about is rusty and obsolete, with a superb straight useless. So now the urban speculators sell you the house with a garage mandatory and thus requires the facades have an additional opening into the street is the entrance and exit of the garage. What is attached to a new concern for security has changed the morphology of the entrance to the house. Now I do not expect a door with an intercom only, now the entrance to the building has a space in a cell that contains a vigilant security cameras and highly effective media to control the entry a OEDE all staff not al / buildings. Now in the streets linear crossings are being replaced with roundabouts, which require vehicles to move slower and avoid collisions due to poor visibility and speeding. Wuhan does not necessarily agree.

These roundabouts are being dressed as a garden or small islands are the ideal place to present a work of art, usually sculpture. My street has a very charming cafe, similar to those of Montparnasse, a small library stationery, a bordering barber shop and a ladies' shop olvidoa a . Its noise is limited to the garbage truck from 7h 15A am and starts and office hours parking of vehicles used by employees as worthy buildings. To those who accompany a Burger King, a Gino s clothing store Baby. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Darcy Stacom. Cartographic WALK 9 am on any day of the week with school schedules. Bringing the school to the little house: Avda San Luis a "a Avda Burgos" Pius XII, who does a dodge to the left, leaving the right to see the white walls of the Naval War College and its Chief logistical support to the right.