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By Paola Pecora After the traditional investments in energy, agriculture and mining, today China invests a strong in new and mighty sector in Brazil. One hopes that the Chinese investment in Brazil reaches the US$9.000 million this year, with US$ 4,500 million going to new sectors. The Chinese giant looks for to be diversified and to put a foot in each continent developing investments that will abrirn to him the future that China hopes: to be a first economic power within about 10 years. Perhaps less. Brazil today represents 40% of the economy of Latin America, and according to Alessandro Texeira, Vice-minister of Development, Industry and Foreign trade of Brazil, it will represent 50% in next the 10 years. Two giants that they look for to be united like partners strategic and to harness his investments. From the fall in international the economic activity after the outbreak of the real estate bubble in the United States and Europe and later financial crisis, that China has intensified its purchases of assets and investments in companies in the outside of his territory, being useful the low prices of the assets of companies that were reconstructed diminishing expenses and throwing a smaller demand with prices in frank declivity in the stock markets. The ideal moment to buy, at moments of crisis. And as much China as Brazil countries are that elaborate strategies to future, aiming at which they will be the fundamental world-wide needs: feeding, energy, technology, communications. How we can go ahead to this new tendency and participate in its benefits? It follows