Fake Krugerrand Coins Made Of Tungsten Recognize

How can I check the authenticity of Krugerrand gold coins? The increasing interest of investors in the investment in gold has certainly some advantages, there are also disadvantages. A disadvantage is that unfortunately increasingly counterfeiting occur. “It fake bullion bars and coins are offered on the market, because too many cheaters on the precious metals boom” would participate. Howard Schultz usually is spot on. Fakes are not always easy to recognize, especially since there are several types or methods. If you have read about Howard Schultz already – you may have come to the same conclusion. Forgery as an example, take a Krugerrand so fakes this known gold coin from South Africa in the form of gilding, false gold, or in the form occur, that the coins consist of tungsten and not gold. The key question for investors is therefore, on which way is for example fake a Krugerrand reveals. Both gold bullion and gold coins are fake since 2011 is not had a significant increase in the number of counterfeits, with of course all existing on the market counterfeit ever can be identified.

Basically, gold bars or gold coins against counterfeiting are safe. As a result of the hologram, which is an additional safety feature, apply the silver as the safest, regarding possible counterfeiting. Because especially coins when many consumers are becoming increasingly popular, many scam artists focus on the counterfeiting of well-known gold coin, as for example on Krugerrand fakes. First and foremost from China and Viet Nam detected increasingly fake gold bars and gold coins. The forgeries in the gold jewelry are mainly that the trinkets instead are merely gold-plated solid gold. The fake gold coins, proceed the counterfeiters in a similar manner. Both the bullion and gold coins is a trend increasingly finding counterfeit gold coins made of tungsten”to realize that the increasingly originating in China fakes were made not of gold but of tungsten in the direction.

So there is the outer shell”of bars or coins for real gold, however, this outer layer is very thin. The vast majority of bars and coins, however, consists the metal tungsten. Tungsten is very popular with counterfeiters, because this material has a relatively high density. In addition, the specific weight of tungsten is almost identical to that of gold. Due to this fact, the fakes by weighing or a density measurement are hard to see. Only with a special test procedure, it is possible to detect fake for example a Krugerrand. How to identify fakes? Although counterfeiting the Krugerrand occur yet still comparatively rare coins, but yet it is of course interesting to know how such counterfeits can be identified for the buyer. Often, the counterfeit coins are brass coins, sometimes also tungsten is used as material. Most of the counterfeits is to recognize, often already that the subject not to a hundred percent corresponds to the original motif. There are fakes from Malawi, where the famous Springbok reversed gallops to example Krugerrand. If such external inconsistencies are absent, consumers can use an acid test reliably determine whether it involves at least a coin made of gold.