Language Learning

Even the polls who want to learn that or another language shows that 76% of all need it just as users – for communication, correspondence, reading professional literature – have confirmed this fact. Caterpillar follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. And the state continues to spend huge money on long-term language learning in secondary and higher education, on the old basis, with all the details, and yet the good of this very little. In other words, it's time to share training of users and linguists. Especially because ordinary native speakers to teach much easier and faster. Even the laziest possible to teach a foreign language for 6-8 months at the user level, let alone those who want to get good results! The next problem of failure in learning a foreign language – a "failure of language". Here you can appeal to statistics, that tells us that only 6% of the population have this ability to learn foreign languages. These are the people who are selected in the scouts and spies. These are the people who are able to learn a foreign language as their mother without the slightest accent, which could be simply a grant for natives of this country, whose language he is studying.

Did you know that even the most professional linguist is not always able to get rid of an accent, in fact it is extremely difficult! Getting rid of an accent is a very complicated process is involved here is very Many factors – until the structure of the speech apparatus, also play an important role acting information and psychological qualities of each person. But, it's talking about perfect pronunciation and language skills, learn foreign language to communicate and understand, may every person who has normal intelligence. We need only find the key to successful mastering a foreign language. But with this little key, and often problems arise, because in modern technologies is extremely difficult to understand exactly what and how to submit a man, that he took it well and "digest". Sometimes the chosen method for one teacher learner, it is not suitable to another, and he persistently and unsuccessfully tries to invest in the second knowledge. Alas, this happens very often, because of this, many lost any desire to learn a foreign language and appear firm opinion that "there is no ability to study a foreign language." If for example, school student caught not quite correct teacher, then it can for many years to discourage any desire to learn any foreign language.

And oh, how difficult it will be the person to overcome their fears and reluctance to learn a foreign language, if it is very necessary in later life. For example, people melancholic warehouse contra communication techniques and all sorts of immersion, they are more quiet and learn the language, using the tutorial or other programs. By the way the right to choose the right method to study a foreign language to you can help to psychological testing. And already the results of this test will be to choose the method of studying a foreign language. But this does not mean that testing is necessary for all – no, not everyone is only If the person himself knows what you need to pass a psychological test and obtain advice from psychologists.