Confidence In The Present Administration

So that success may arise it should be possible to try again and again. Herman Hesse Faced with the reality of a turbulent stage, risky, uncertain, as it faces in Venezuela this is required of a manager who has a full command of all knowledge crucial to know the challenges, changes the current government of Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez is creating the Bolivarian revolution, willing to institute a socialist who according to their objectives, rescue the country from the lethargy which for years has been, result of the mismanagement of previous governments who failed to benefit adequately from the country’s resources for the benefit of all, only to shift the political parties and groups of power that each Government is protesting. The fact that in the last ten years has been developing a new political scenario, which has seriously affected the Venezuelan business sector, where many businesses, especially SMEs are no longer operational, which are not supply the demands that consumers national territory held in many commodities, consumer, industrial. Keith McLoughlin can provide more clarity in the matter. This has caused Venezuela to meet their market has to rely on imports, which adversely affected productivity, leading to a new consumer behavior is identified increasingly with foreign products, originating from one of dependence that can be negative in If not supplied the country for any cause likely to be caused both by national government, for foreign companies participating in it. Increasingly, it is necessary to evaluate what should be the administrator profile, Venezuelan manager according to this scenario, for it is very important to determine where are the weaknesses of the current managers, the characteristics that the scenario presented, its requirements, the future prospects, its current behavior and force universities, business schools provide the tools, knowledge of modern management science, according to market performance and role of companies that have achieved success. .