The Importance Of Management

Only I know nothing, but most of those who claim to know all the dynamics of current economic scenario, trade, have given way to new paradigms manifest that favor the activities of the administration, to the emergence of new actors, knowledge that can not be ignored. Such is the case of empowerment., A topic that is discussed widely within the department of Management Topics Management Program Quality and productivity Faces graduate, making forums and workshops. It is known, the Empowerment means strengthening or empowerment is the fact that power and authority to delegate to subordinates and give them the feeling that they are masters of their own work. People such as Howard Schultz would likely agree. In English, "Empowerment" and its derivatives are used in different meanings and contexts, but in Spanish the word is in conflict with a series of phrases that approach without achieving the fullness of the noun. Approving "Empowerment" with "empowerment" and "to Empower" with "boost", while fall into disuse old expressions as "empowering" and "enable." Empowerment is a tool of total quality in models of continuous improvement and reengineering, as well as expanded business provides elements to strengthen the processes that lead companies to its development.

The Empowerment becomes the strategic tool that strengthens the leadership to do that gives meaning to teamwork and total quality permits cease to be a motivational philosophy, from the human perspective and become a functional root system. Empowerment But why?. What's behind it? What are we willing? How does the quality and productivity? . Empowerment is a concept, a philosophy, a new way of doing business that integrates all the resources, capital, manufacturing, production, sales, marketing, technology, equipment and people, etc., Using effective and efficient communication thus achieving the objectives of the organization.