Being Proactive

"The biggest and most important victory is to conquer yourself." – Plato As promised in "" I'm bringing the first of the seven habits to achieve a successful effect on our lives, be proactive. It is the first not by chance, but because nothing is possible until we take the reins of our lives, and this habit will help us in this. "I am the force, I am the captain of my life. I choose my attitude and my happiness. I'm the driver my destination and not just a passenger "First Habit – Be proactive First of all, we know that there are two kinds of people, the pro-active and reactive. I present a table of differences in attitude between the two (I recommend reading the first reaction followed by the performance of the second). REAGENTS – blame others for their actions – Les things happen – they hope to fix things themselves – are easily offended – They become victims – were angry, lose their heads, and say things they later regret – They complain and cry – was paralyzed before the failure and have fear of reverting to proactive – take responsibility for their actions – they make things happen – have initiative – not easily offended – exert control – think before you act, are cautious – are back to give it a try when something goes wrong – recognize your error, learn from it and correct it instantly. We also noted large differences in its expression: LANGUAGE OF REACTIVE – I'm like, I have no choice – try – I can not, I have no time – I can not do anything – I go crazy "I have to – I – I ruined the day LANGUAGE THE PROACTIVE – I can improve – I will, no matter what happens – If, tomorrow at 8:00 am – look at our options, there must be a solution – I control my feelings and emotions – I chose it – I prefer – not let your bad mood contagion I can see, the reagents are mediocre and conformist; wait for things to settle themselves and are not able to make decisions, respond to stimuli provided in the same way, driven by emotions, feelings, circumstances, conditions, or the same environment.