Before and after the games unhappyly we see fight of torcedores, stadium depredation and a wave of violence that all we abominate. This, without a doubt is the negative side of the feeling of the passion taken to its bad side, which is frustration that takes the violence and that it causes an undesirable series of consequncias. This same passion, when glimpsed for the positive, contrary side the frustration already it brings resulted better, but still thus if it translates pride feeling, arrogance, great power, magnificent, searchs for the proper interests, and in the negative case for the impatience, irritability, resentment for the suffered evil, it loses of the notion of the reality and lack of discernment. It has until that they define passion as a vice. Thus, if led for its positive side, we can say that the passion is a pretty feeling that in is very resembled to the love, protected the previous definitions.

In the Portuguese language, Brazilian us, we have enormous difficulties in defining our feelings and to the generis times we are sui, as for example, when we speak of the homesickness that is one verbete existing only in the Portuguese and Galician language, inexistent in the too much languages and one of the seven more difficult words to be translated stops other languages. This wants to say that the homesickness that we feel is a genuinely Brazilian feeling. Coming back to the terms love and passion, when we relate in them to the Colatina, for certain these feelings if they mesclam and almost they are established in an only feeling. One colatinense politician exists who uses a pilgrim’s staff that &#039 says; ' LOVE FOR COLATINA AND PASSION FOR ARE SILVANO' '. I want to believe that it is passing for difficult existencial moment in relation to the subject and it does not know to certain who more loves if is Colatina or Is Silvano, in the truth it loves the two and it does not know to define to certain which of them more loves, finds that he loves the two equally. I also confess that I feel myself confused how much to my feelings for Colatina, I will be that I love or I am gotten passionate by Colatina. Better he would be to say, as the Brazilians, I LOVE OF PASSION, understanding this state spiritual as a deeper love. I myself I made a music for Colatina, whose composition is set free so that some interpreter gotten passionate for Colatina can record it and difundiz it without any responsibilities, being enough but to say of my authorship on the workmanship.

They observe that I lose myself, to the speech of Colatina, when I say on love and passion for Colatina. COLATINA Colatina looks at here, Since the day I saw where you to forget I do not obtain you. My eyes are shining, Are alone Colatinando, Only thinking about you. It is a complicated case, It is love for all the side and passion alone for you. Colatina does not have skill the heart inside of the chest Beats fort for you.