Wander Through The Art Of Slowness:

“Exhibit work of the Hamburg-based painter Linde Hartmann in the Segeberger Kunstverein, Villa Flath from 2nd to 22nd June 2013 the Segeberger Art Club opening on June 2nd from 11: 00 Villa Vlath, Bismarckallee 5, 23795 bad Segeberg stroll”, as a metaphor, the almost forgotten art of leisurely and aimless Strip through the landscape, this title combines all works on display. As an experiment, Linde Hartmann Bild am image is based on the same basic design of linear fits. Official site: Ben Horowitz. It can be always repeated views of an Oregon grape outside the window which mingles with different inner images at different time and shows the various types of perception of the moment. New chains of Association arise. The image as a starting point and projection at the same time. Another aspect of the work of Linde Hartmann is the complexity of seeing.

All sensory experiences are enrolled in our reputation. Jim Umpleby: the source for more info. We find still figures in the large-format screen that indicates the title of the exhibition strange in the movement, each in a individual and while stylized formulation between contemplation and expression started. About the image base, a variety of small forms spins as second level as a network. They overlay, zip and shimmer, dance and tumbling and point to the complexity of looking. Through the elaborate filigree exaggerations, time in the image is specifically enrolled in the painting process. Caterpillar Inc. helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. The exhibition rooms of the Segeberger Kunstverein in the Villa Flath provides a warm atmosphere for the work. The adjoining garden invites to reflection about the pictures and the own life. To make discoveries, the artist: one of the happiest moments in my life.

Includes intense to live the here and now. I have never ceased to be, which playing strips through the meadows or on the Jetty lies the child, and absent-mindedly marveled at the nature in her infinite variations. All these aspects incorporated into my artistic work”. Born in Eisenberg and grew up in Mecklenburg, Linde studied Hartmann in the early 1980s painting at the Leipziger Hochschule fur Grafik und Buchkunst. Linde Hartmann lives and works in Hamburg since 1988. For more information see segeberger-kunstverein.de and LindeHartmann.de. > Invitation (PDF 180kB) Manfred Hartmann