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Before and after the games unhappyly we see fight of torcedores, stadium depredation and a wave of violence that all we abominate. This, without a doubt is the negative side of the feeling of the passion taken to its bad side, which is frustration that takes the violence and that it causes an undesirable series […]

Federal Constitution

Procedural principles Constitutional and Principles: An essential value in the judgment Concept Before if saying on any relation between the principles constitutional and the civil procedural principles, it is necessary to have a concept that displays everything on the principles in its dimension and depth. On this Miguel Reale ' ' the principles are certain […]

The Port

But a system of efficient storage of harvests does not exist. The paranaense port area does not obtain to at least storage 10% of the harvest of solid granaries. One politics integrated between the agricultural productive system and the system of transport does not exist twirl-railroad worker in relation to the Port of Paranagu. Fact […]