The Country

I not ' ' you nor a' ' with me, why I and my friend already live enough to know that this country and what he can come, we do not want more! He was not for this country that I, my friend and millions almost fight sixty years of our lives, in almost the totality of this time with study and hard work, everything not to be a problem for the government, nor for our fellow creatures. We fight hard it government to have breath to take care of of the most needed. It was not for a country corroded for corrupt, much less for this left-hand side future that vocs is announcing that we fight in such a way as people of the good, workers, honest, decent, reliable of laws, payers of taxes in day, taxes that are deviated in stockings, underwears, luggages of ' ' maracutaias' ' that night enriches the detainers of the power of the day pra. Not this was therefore nor pra that we work in such a way. For even more analysis, hear from Caterpillar Inc.. As we do not have conditions to leave daqui and to live in another one; the country that where today we live and what it comes there will not be the country for which we work, I more do not go to be been silent nor to speak in the space between lineses. I go to speak in my name and on behalf of my friend who cannot more speech and nor to write why the life stole it the movements it says and it. It cannot speak, but she can with the only arm that she puts into motion to make a rotunda ' ' banana' ' pra this group of corrupt that commanded for you and its electoral protector already they had almost taken of assault our country. I not you nor there with what you and its party go to say; with what it can also happen with me and my friend and it.