With The Bachelor

As a student you devoted much time and effort to writing the own Bachelor thesis. For many students, it is a life’s work. The more important it is to read correctly and fluently. The good old diploma work is since the Bologna reform more and more by their two-stage successors replaced: Bachelor and master. Already the Bachelor’s degree provides an introduction to working life and thus serves as a basis for application. A good, sometimes excellent Bachelor’s degree is essential for a further master’s degree. All the more important that the final score is.

Since the reform of Bologna, the Bachelor’s degree is the first academic hurdle, who must take the most students on their way of life. The course extends mostly over six semesters. With a Bachelor’s degree in his pocket, the student can decide whether he wants to take up a further master’s degree or wishing to apply with this first professionally qualifying degree directly in business or management. Applies to both: A good grade point average is essential. Most universities and universities of applied sciences require an exceptionally good Bachelor’s degree for admission to a secondary master’s degree.

In many cases, this means at least a two or even a one before the decimal point. Although the study exams are included in the calculation of the final grade, the grade of the Bachelor thesis receives the largest percentage of the overall assessment. All the more important that the work complies with the conventions for writing scientific papers and is free of spelling, grammar, form and expression errors. Because regardless of the discussed topic and the logic in the construction only an orthographic and grammatical correct thesis impression with the supervising professor and the Audit Committee. The most common mistakes found in the post-reform spelling rules and the form, so the footnotes are mostly incorrectly formatted and not completed with a point. During the writing of the work the students won’t know often that they repeat themselves or are in Lose box sets, which are more complex and unintelligible with increasing length. Also for a publication, an error-free work is essential, at least then, if the student would like to do it after his studies to money. It intends to apply, with his thesis in business then you should make sure that the treated topic has a practical reference, which may be for the company benefits. The editing of own Bachelor thesis a few euros, but should be seen as a wise investment in the future. With an error-free work you will succeed more in the labour market as well as an application in the private sector, so that the output quickly pays for itself.