Werth Company

Werth Company – manufacturer of luxury mobile phones – was established in 1998 as a subsidiary company of Nokia. The company's office was located in the small town of Church Kruhem in the UK. Initially, the team Vertu employed only 50 people. Today it employs around 400 staff and offices of the company are located in major cities – New York, Paris, Frankfurt, Singapore, Hong Kong and Beverly Hills. Vertu Mobile Phones: quality in a luxurious frame idea the founders was to create a unique Vertu mobile phones of high quality. The development of the appearance of Vertu phones to take a leading designer of Nokia – Frank Nuovo.

That's it declared that the beauty and convenience of your phone is more important than technological innovation. So with a light hand of the master appeared phones Vertu, which are made from the most expensive and elite materials and are characterized by outstanding quality performance. The functionality of Vertu phones it does not go beyond the standard set of options. Vertu – phones handmade Every detail of Vertu phones is a serious test. For example, to be tested button phone to withstand a million keystrokes.

For example, to create models of Vertu Ascent and Vertu Signature has been tested about 940 parts. To develop the first phones Vertu took 4 years: for sale, they only appeared in 2002. Since its inception company and to this day mobile phones are collected by hand. Ready Vertu phones checked at extreme temperatures from 85 to 40 degrees, and tested for strength, simulating a fall from a great height. If the phone successfully passes all the tests, it is assigned a unique number, and the body is put a sample of Swiss Assay Office to recognize the phones Vertu jewel. Quality Vertu phones Cases Vertu phones are made of the most expensive materials: gold, platinum, high-tech alloys and materials used in the aerospace industry. For example, when creating a Vertu Ascent has been used material Liquidmetal Alloy – a unique alloy, superior strength of titanium and steel. Housing a different model – Vertu Signature – made with a special ceramic, similar to that used in the construction of the Space Shuttle. Screens on all models Werth reserved sapphire crystal. In finishing Werth used rare and exclusive gemstones – pink diamonds, sapphires and rubies. The company cooperates with Werth famous jewelry houses (for instance, with Swarovski) and the largest manufacturers of sports cars (Ferrari). The most expensive model in the history of the Vertu phone was Boucheron Cobra, whose price was 320,000 euros. The most expensive production model – Vertu Signature Diamond – sold for 88,000 euros. However, this is not the limit for Werth. Company is constantly releasing new models, and can not be ruled out that this record price would soon be broken.