Wayuu Culture

We will not sacrifice will never be the tree that provides shade, food company and donkeys and goats. With this healthy habit, characteristic of sustainable development taught in the classrooms of the most prestigious universities, the Wayuu people have achieved virtually untouched forest which instead of decreasing, is growing, thanks to a tacit alliance with the donkey and the goat which provides food in exchange for these water their seed throughout the peninsula. The breeze, free air conditioner in the Wayuu Culture everything has a meaning and everything for an explanation. Housing for example, is made with certain materials and in a location such that it seems designed by architects specializing in use of climatic factors. The materials used, the palm and yotojoro, favoring the cool weather in the rooms. But there is one additional element: the houses, most have little or no walls, so the breeze comes up every corner, crosses the room, caressing the faces of children, helps turn the stove in the kitchen or the patio, cool the body of those working under the harsh sun and goes in search of hasty other places to bring their unique sound, its smell and its power quiet evening to cool places where it is called or where yet come to be called. When the Wayuu moves to the big city strange landscape, the aroma of country, but especially his warm mornings and cool evenings, welcoming his hammock and a friend who roams the ends of the earth in a joyful journey that captivates the flowers and makes the cardinal peasant choir concert in the sublime of nature. .