Use Company

This if applies the Educational ABC, a company who has a clear perception on the necessity to keep its internal and external customers, with focus in its collaborators with the creation of a program of Training and Development of people. For this the use of the tool training, as form to characterize the people for the work, aims at to minimize the lack of interest and attention in some productive departments that can be offering to damage the company and the insatisfao of its customers. Although the profit is the focus of the main entrepreneurs, and is really important, she is necessary to take well-taken care of not to compromise the relation company and employee, therefore this last one contributes efficiently for the good attendance and in such a way it intervenes with the result of the company. Therefore the more intent entrepreneurs must be each time to the human capital of the organizations. One knows that to fidelizar its internal and external customers the necessary company to invest, but not only to enable its employees thus the attendance is differentiated in relation to the competition. Practical of training and the development they provide to learning and recycling of knowledge significantly increasing the level of the quality of the work offered for the company in all its areas. The improvements are perceivable there to the customers, suppliers and competition, passing from confidence and security to all those that possess contact with the organization. With objective to take care of the necessities of the Educational ABC and to increase the level of satisfaction and comprometimento of its collaborators it is that the present work was carried through. One searched through a bibliographical research in the area of Administration of Human resources and Management of People, the consolidation of the knowledge in training and development, as well as the improvement of the practical activities day to day of the company. It is understood that these perceptions and suggestions are only the start of a new phase for the Educational ABC, where the objective to value the collaborator and this the company where it works, makes possible to raise the full satisfaction of the customer and the success of the organization in the market where it acts, using itself, therefore, of these competitive differentials.