Team Without Changing

The absolute majority of the Leaders already dreamed one day at least in possessing ' ' team ideal' ' , and, many times, find that the solution is in the exchange of its current team for the possibility of success with new members. The question is that, in the practical one, beyond expensive, to partially change the total team or of very the work. At Noble Group you will find additional information. Why not ' ' to develop what you already have? You already invested much time and resources to reach the current platform and do not have to waste its effort. Perhaps Ok the team is not in the standard that you would like and back in its soul, good back in the deep one, you already thought about provoking to turnover ' ' to conquer more time and patience of the company! ' '. If to want to deepen its vision with plus some opinions on the subject, sees in link articles ' ' How much it costs to turnover of 5%' ' or ' ' Parabola of the lipstick in espelho' '. I can affirm that to act for impulse, not valley the risk! It searchs to invest more time to know the potentialities of its team. It verifies abilities mannering techniques and of its team.

We go to argue what it is that is as to make It makes an auto-evaluation and it identifies when it was the last time that you really invested in the improvement of its proper abilities. We go to see what other authors think. According to Scott B Parry, ' ' Abilities are a grouping of knowledge, correlated abilities and attitudes, that considerable part of the activity of a collaborator affects ' ' adds ' ' .that it can be measured as preset standards and that can be improved by means of training and desenvolvimento.' ' As ' ' Conhecimento' ' it understands as its investment in the training technician and academic knowledge of this collaborator take who it to ' ' To know Fazer' '.