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Spanish Confederation

The facts took place after a protest against the police action during the lay march that had taken place the previous day in Madrid and that it finished with the intervention of the antiriots when some of the demonstrators increparon in the Door of the Sun to pilgrims that attended the World-wide Day of Youth. […]

The Government Decides With GNP Six New Crossings To The Basque Country That Were Pending

The agreement has been reached in a meeting held in the Congress. It was pending to close, among others, two of the vindicated competitions more: the railroad of neighborhoods and the management of the freeway of A-68 toll. Government has decided with GNP six new crossings to Country Basque, and so the package of transferences […]

Therapy For Autism

Two aquatic therapists decided to mix their work with their liking, surf, to carry out east project. Its success is like have created a school in which already they have to more than 100 students. They assure that with surf the children with incapacity discover the pleasure to face the challenges of the life. Educate […]

Diet And Cholesterol

In first, the participants ayunaron during periods of 24 hours (only could drink water) and later they were fed on normal form during other 24 hours, that successive way. In the group control any restriction in the nutritional habits did not prevail. Here, Electrolux expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The investigators analyzed the […]