Sushi Sashimi Nigiri Maki

It was not long since, when the land considered to be an exotic dish that used the business people having a common business with Japanese customers. However, our outlook has increased, as our appetite for an exciting foreign food, and sushi has become one of the most imported goods from Asia to North America. Unfortunately, the understanding of all the varieties of sushi can be a daunting activity for beginners. Of course, the land its own special flavor, impress a girl or a business partner, then be sure to read this article. After reading you're ready to conquer each of the sushi bar. Thus, the basis of land to start you should know that the term "sushi>> does not reflect full product itself, since it can be cooked in four different ways: sashimi (sashimi), nigiri (nigiri), maki (maki) and horse (cones – the cones). Sashimi Sashimi – this is the most primitive form of sushi: a strip of fresh fish, which fed on table without rice or vegetables. Sashimi can be made from any kind of fresh fillet of raw fish, and since this delicacy preferred by many people, then all should know that it's pretty heavy food. The best and most often products used for sashimi is tuna, spicy tuna, as well as the Pacific and Atlantic salmon. Nigiri To be more precise, nigiri – a type of sushi, is a strip of raw fish, served on table folded in rolls of a cold sticky rice, and usually in combination with algae.