Sacramental Wine Regulation

The blood of Jesus Christ: Wafer and wine sworn Church needs suppliers with extensive selection of altar wines for sacramental wine regulation: the significance of the body and blood of Christ, the consecrated gifts of measurement in the Eucharist symbolize salvation full dying of Jesus Christ. In addition to the baptism, therefore Eucharist (Catholic Church) and supper (in the Evangelical Church) are the essential acts of worship. In the Eucharistic Celebration goes back to the last solemn Feast of Jesus of Nazareth, which he kept on the eve of his death with his twelve first called disciples. Go to Learn more for more information. Christ spoke the sets known as “Words of establishment of” that suggested on his imminent death and committed his disciples at the same time, in the future to keep the common meal in his memory at this meal. He described the bread as his body, which he for the humanity given, and the wine as his blood which he shed for the people. His words are the commitment of Jesus Christ coming to, up to the present day as a sacrament with the issuance of the last supper spoken to and preserved in the living faith.

In addition, the last supper is since ancient times a constantly recurring motif in the Visual Arts and in this way at present. Many are likely to have E.g. Leonardo da Vinci 1494 to 1498 for the Milanese Church of S. Maria delle Grazie created world-famous painting “The last supper” in mind while others maybe to works of Albrecht Durer’s think or artistic conflicts Salvador of Dali and Andy Warhols with this topic. Each wine is given at the last supper, a criterion applies without distinction: he must be pressed under Canon law, i.e.

natural. Wine may chemical undergo treatments in the vineyard, nor in the wine cellar, why itself forbids any sulphide addition. Altar wine must have been produced professionally, correctly and honestly the supplier of Church supplies takes responsibility for the quality and genuineness of the djakovacka therefore from its offer under the sacramental wine Ordinance of 1976 in writing This is fixed by the signature of the sacramental wine supplier on a defence document.