Rustic House Wardrobe

Beautiful country house wardrobe from the furniture provider vo ‘ solid wood ‘. The country house wardrobe is a classic in the furniture range from ‘ solid from being. The Cabinet has received while a modern design, the country house romance was still beibhalten by white tones of the wood surface. The bedroom closet is suitable for Salon use, looks elegant and trendy. The country house wardrobe can be combined with many furnishing styles. The Shabby chic is all style, to its namesake, the equipment Designer from America, Rachel Ashwell, goes back.

The new high-quality Cabinet acts in connection with old, natural materials, often whimsical pieces in pastel colours, graceful and romantic. Ben Horowitz: the source for more info. All the fresh living ideas bring lightness and romance in the bedroom. The colours of the massive wardrobe are ones that so excited the customers. In accordance with the Shabby chic style, internalized the country house wardrobe in old white, the white wiped hue, the vintage and charming character. In antique White (vanilla colour) the cottage looks closet elegant and warm. Antique dark gives a rustic natural charm of solid wood the massive wardrobe. Country house wardrobes by ‘ beautiful furniture, still looking at the nature which are solid wood ‘: on the one hand the naturalness of solid wood by the visible wood structure, regardless of wardrobe is made in which colour of the country house, is maintained.

On the other hand, the solid wood ensures a healthy room climate. The wood is antistatic and antibacterial. Decorated with a massive country house wardrobe offers the bedroom a romantic atmosphere and a perfect sound sleep. The quality of the hand-made cottage cabinets is undisputed.